Our "Roo-Fighter" pillow tanks are made of a special polymer that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and strong enough for use under extreme conditions.
Simple to Use and Deploy
Flexible firefighting tanks are unique in that they do not require any special equipment or specially trained personnel for their transportation and installation.

Our flexible fire tanks can also be used as a reserve tank, since we also supply open-style and prefabricated tanks, often called frame tanks. Usually open-top, they can be installed on any terrain and are simple to operate.

Such fire extinguishing reservoirs offer capacities of up to 500 cubic meters and are most effective for rapidly providing fire prevention measures.
Significant Advantages
During an emergency, laying lengthy pipelines is difficult, impractical and costly. Having a rapid deployment "Roo-Fighter" pillow tank offers operational flexibility in the shortest amount of time.

Fabricated with a patented polymer material, tank capacities, can range from 1 m³ to 250 m³ depending on their intended application. Light-weight, easily transported and offering high capacity storage, they could be a life-saving investment.

A flexible pillow tank, together with suitable pump modules, can provide year-round fire protection for both industrial and natural sites. (For more information about self-contained mobile fire fighting units, see our patent-pending Mobile Fire Station Modules .)
Durable and Resistant
Roo-Fighter pillow tanks can be used in different climatic zones since the material does not lose its integrity at temperatures ranging from -60 ºC to +85 ºC.

Even at freezing temperatures, tanks that feature our patented heater system can maintain a favourable temperature, thus remaining operational. If the liquid stored freezes in the absence of a heating system, the tank will remain airtight as the material will retain its structural integrity, unlike many metal tanks.

Used internationally and field-tested, customers can be sure they are investing in a high-quality product.
Invest in a Roo-Fighter tank for increased fire fighting capabilities!

Contact Rootank to order a standard size tank, or take advantage of our "Flexible Solutions" customisation services and have a fire fighting or fire supression system manufactured according to your specifications.

We can design a package to suit your unique needs at a competitive price without compromising on quality.

Compact and light-weight when empty, multiple tanks can quickly and easily be transported to where they are needed.
Rapid Set-up

Deliverable on-site by land or air, tanks can be operational ready within 3-5 minutes without any site work,

Patented polymer material that can withstand temperatures between -60 ºC to +85 ºC.
Long Service Life

Tested and used internationally, our Roo-Fighter tanks are reusable time after time!
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