Frequently Asked Questions
Got questions? We've got the answers.
Are Rootanks products Environmentally Friendly?

Our products are designed to be more environmentally friendly and less intrusive to the natural surroundings. Their compact design and ease of installation means no invasive construction equipment is required to erect any permanent structure.
Since our pillow tanks can be easily reused, they are perfect for temporary projects. Simply empty the tank, pack it up and let nature take root again.
Is the material Fire Resistant?

Since our pillow tanks are customized according to the customers needs we can offer a variety of solutions, including Fire Resistant materials.
How long do Rootank's Pillow Tanks last?

Many of our valued customers have used their tanks for an average of 3-5 years, while others have used theirs for 7+. Life expectancy is obvioulsy also influenced by how it is treated while in use or storage.
What does it mean the fact that the material is "inert to the stored substance"?

This simply means it will have no effect on your stored product. In fact, internationally our pillow tanks are also used to store a wide variety of liquids, from wine to gas.
Does it take long to set up a tank?

A pillowtank can be set up in as little as 10 minutes, even if you have never done it before.
How can I get the product to where I need it?

That's the beauty of a collapsible pillow tank, even if you don't have road access, it can be delivered by boat, plane, or even helicopter with very little effort.
What can be stored in Rootank's products?

Rootank's pillow tanks are capable of holding almost any kind of liquid.

In Australia our water pillow tanks are the most popular product we have, however, we have many other tanks for fertilizers, gas, oil, wine, and much, much, more.
What happens in the event of a puncture?
All of our tanks are quality products that will withstand most falling objects, in the event of a small puncture we provide a repair kit which can be used to immediately repair the damage. It is very easy and takes only a few minutes depending on the size of the puncture. In the ten years we have been providing our products internationally, none of our tanks have suffered a major breach as a result of something falling on them.
If the puncture or damaged area is quite large then it may be necessary for one of our Technical Specialists to assist you.
Does temperature affect the product?
Out typical pillow tank material is capable of enduring temperatures of -30c to +50c. However, we also offer tanks that can withstand temperatures of -60c to +85c.
Do Rootanks products come with a Warranty?
All of our products come with a one-year warranty in the rare event of a manufacturing flaw or failure.
Do you offer installation?
Yes we can help you install your new pillow tank, however for tanks less than 25,000 liters in size, it is not necessary. They are very simple and easy to install.