Rootank | Mobile Fire Station Modules are patent-pending modules that provide flexible solutions to emergency services.
Easily Mobilised
Designed to function with existing infrastructure, these patent-pending modules provide flexible solutions for emergency services. Based on a 20" foot shipping container shell, they are easily transportable using the existing road, railroad, or even air services without the need for any special equipment.

Standard shipping container transportation methods can be used to rapidly mobilize a complete mini Fire Station to where it is needed.
Customised Internal Configurations
Their internal configuration can be adapted to suit your unique needs, thereby serving multiple purposes.

Pumping equipment is integrated directly into the module and can be used in conjunction with Rootanks range of firefighting tanks or for any other pumping setups.

Depending on the operational location, the pumping system can be autonomous or run on standard electric power.
Emergency Refuge
In the extreme event of a burn-over situation the module can serve as an emergency refuge as they are thermally insulated. This gives them the unique capability to serve as a base of operations close to the main front of any bushfire.

The possibility of strategically deploying them in advance of a fire front and having them operational in minutes provides firefighters on the ground a fixed-point of retreat, should a fire advance beyond its control lines. Greater protection can be offered if the immediate area around the installation point was backburned, eliminating any possible fuel and reducing the amount of heat in the proximity of the module.

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