Perfect for your family's next camping trip, our Travel Pouches for camping are tough and flexible.
Travel Tanks for Camping
The perfect solution to your camping needs. Fabricated with built-in carry handles and our patented double shear seam technology for greater strength.

Portable and flexible, they can be carried to where they are needed empty or when filled. With capacities up to 100 litres, they are the perfect solution for your water needs while exploring the great outdoors!

Environmentally Friendly and Long Lasting
Our materials are manufactured in Europe by a leading producer of high-tech polymeric materials.

More than just another plastic water container, our hermetic polymer tanks are made using patented technology, with integrated UV protection, guaranteeing their continued use for years to come even under direct sunlight.

We can also custom design and manufacture a tank to fit the space you require.

Compatible With Standard Hose Fittings
Although we can customise the inlets and outlets to suit your needs, our standard travel tanks can be connected and filled or emptied using standard garden hose connections, (camping tanks with capacities of 50lt and above).

This allows for greater flexibility, as specialised adaptors are not required and the tanks can be integrated into your existing camping setup with ease.

Check out our Equipment section for accessories that could also be of interest during your next camping adventure!

Empty tanks alone will always weigh less than their contents!
Rapid Set-up

With standard fittings and couplings you will have your new tank up and running within minutes.

Built in carry handles make moving the tank to where it is needed much easier.
Safe & Durable

Reusable and durable material suitable for potable water.
Save valuable space and use a flexible pillow travel tank!

Order your tank now online, or take advantage of our "Flexible Solutions" customisation services and have a tank manufactured according to your specifications.

Travel tanks come with all the connections and tubing you need to fill or discharge them.
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