Need water storage during the wet season? Our low cost, high capacity bladder (pillow) water tanks are the answer.
Year Round Water Storage
Water shortages are a a recurring and costly problem for thousands of farmers acros Australia. Rigid storage tanks are expensive to buy and transport, while dams suffer from evaporation and cannot be moved where they are needed.

An Agrotank is a high capacity bladder tank (pillow tank) that is much cheaper than a typical rigid tank,. It can fit in the back of your ute or vehicle, and can be scaled up to provide you with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of litres of storage at a fraction of the cost.

Agrotanks are flexible bladders produced from special high-quality polymeric materials, resistant to UV rays and inert to their contents.
Scaleable Water Storage Depots
A water storage depot can be designed to contain a large amount of water. In this case, individual bladder tanks are connected using a common pipe manifold. The individual capacity of each pillow tank within the depot must be equal and can include tanks with a capacity of up to 500m3.

Such water depots with flexible pillow tanks, together with pumping systems and a patented flexible tank heating system (if needed for cold climates), can provide a year-round supply of water anywhere at the desired quantity.

Start with your first tank now, and then purchase and add as needed in the future. Collect and store water during the wet months to save you money and stock in the dry season.
Durable and Resistant
Agrotank bladder tanks (pillow tanks) can be used in different climatic zones since the material does not lose its integrity at temperatures ranging from -60 ºC to +85 ºC.

Even at freezing temperatures, tanks that feature our patented heater system can maintain a favourable temperature, thus remaining operational. If the liquid stored freezes in the absence of a heating system, the tank will remain airtight as the material will retain its structural integrity, unlike many metal tanks.

Used internationally and field-tested, customers can be sure they are investing in a high-quality product.
Start saving water and money by using a Rootank Agrotank Water Storage tank!

Contact Rootank to order a standard size bladder tank (pillow tank), or take advantage of our "Flexible Solutions" customisation services and have a tank or even complete water storage depot manufactured according to your specifications.

We can design a package to suit your unique needs at a competitive price without compromising on quality.

Compact and light-weight when empty, multiple tanks can quickly and easily be transported to where they are needed.

Start with a single tank and scale up as your budget permits and needs grow.

Patented polymer material that can withstand temperatures between -60 ºC to +85 ºC.
Long Service Life

Tested and used internationally, our Agrotanks are reusable time after time and have a minimum service life of 10 years.
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