Looking for above ground diesel fuel storage tanks? Our bladder (pillow) tanks can be easily bunded.
Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks
Our flexible, above ground, diesel storage pillow tanks are created to save energy, time, and material resources. Due to their lightweight, easy mobility, and exceptional operational performance, they are better suited than standard tanks for establishing a diesel storage system.

Using our berm solutions or even creating your own with a backhoe, our tanks can be bunded and operational within a day. Whether you need a 1000 litre diesel tank or 10,000 litre diesel tank, there is a Rootank to suit your needs. Additionally, they are scalable! Read on to find out how.
Poly Diesel Tanks Like No Other
Resembling large pillows, our flexible tanks are manufactured using a unique polymer material, with modern production technologies, and modern high-precision automated equipment. Their high-quality finish allows them to be used in harsh climates, as they are capable of operating within temperatures ranging from -60°C to +85°C.

Combining flexible tanks of different volumes, you can create a fuel depot with the required capacity for even long term storage. Since our flexible fuel tanks are lightweight, compact, and quickly mobilized for fast installation without any preparatory foundation work, a tank with a volume of 250 m3 can be completed in just 10 minutes!
Cost Effective Diesel Fuel Storage
Don't let market fluctuations and unexpected rises in fuel prices slow down your production line. An on-site diesel storage tank allows you to purchase diesel fuel at its cheapest and store it for when you need it - saving you money and time.

Whether you need a farm diesel tank, or an industrial storage solution, our engineers are ready to help you custom design and implement your new diesel storage system. With a long service life and many satisfied customers still using their tanks 10 years on, you cannot beat the storage cost per metre of our flexible diesel fuel tanks.
Avoid costly diesel fuel fluctuations by purchasing and storing diesel fuel in advance with one of our flexible diesel storage pillow tanks.

Contact Rootank to order a standard size, or take advantage of our "Flexible Solutions" customisation services and have a depot storage system manufactured according to your needs or budget.

We can design a package to suit your unique needs at a competitive price without compromising on quality.

A flexible tank with a capacity of 250 m³ is about 500 kg, in contrast, a metal tank of the same volume would weigh about 14,000 kg.
Rapid Set-up

Deploying a two thousand cubic meter diesel storage storage system can be carried out in less than 24 hours.
Minimal Labour

No special equipment, preparatory work and/or site organisation required.
Long Service Life

Reusable and durable patented polymeric material, with a minimum life span of 10 years.
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